Cosmetic Cheeks Augmentation Surgery with Cheek Bones Implants in Montreal (starting from $7,000)

The cheeks are bony structures in the mid-face that have important functions from the aesthetic and physiological point of view.


  • support muscles and maintain facial skin
  • soften the smile
  • highlight the eyes
  • prevent the sagging of the facial skin
  • soften wrinkles and facial folds

Esthetic cheek surgery (cheek augmentation) is a surgical procedure that seeks to enhance the cheeks by various means. The texture and hardness of silicone implants makes it possible to improve the shape and volume of the cheeks. A compensatory and more proportional volume may help harmonize and rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face.

The silicone cheek implants are safe and long lasting devices. They are well accepted by the body. The implants are available in different sizes to meet the specific patient needs.

During cosmetic cheek surgery, the insertion of implants is performed through small incisions within the mouth. The scars are well hidden.

Cheek augmentation is a one day surgical procedure that does not require any hospitalization thanks to its simplicity, minimal scarring and short recovery time.

Esthetic cheek surgery may be performed as a single procedure or with other surgeries such as facelift or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Alternative treatment:

One option would be not to undergo a cheek augmentation surgery by implants. Other options would be fat injections (harvested from your body and re-injected) or fillers. The sagging of the cheeks can also be corrected during a facelift by facial muscles tightening.