Abdominal Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

You can undergo an abdominal plastic surgery following:

  •      Pregnancy
  •      Significant weight loss
  •      Slower metabolism that leads to fat deposits on the abdomen
  •      A natural skin aging


After one or more pregnancies, you may end up with loose skin (sagging), reduced muscle tone, stretch marks on the abdomen or excess fat in the abdomen.

It is very difficult to treat stretch marks. Although they retract with time and sometimes stay very visible in the form of lines or bands with different color. There are several ways to reduce their appearance but most of them are still ineffective.

Despite exercise and a healthy diet, abdominal surgery or abdominoplasty is often the best option to treat excess skin tissue and muscle separation, as well as unwanted fat deposits.


Following a significant weight loss, the excess skin in the abdominal region can affect the wearing of clothing and limit your activities. Very often before the summer season a flat stomach becomes a priority and you can be more concerned with your appearance, such as when you put on a bathing suit. Sagging and drooping skin can affect your personal life too.


Dr. Cordoba can help remedy this situation by practicing the tummy tuck orabdominoplasty cosmetic surgery that involves removing excess skin and / or fat.

Dr. Cordoba also practices the abdominal liposuction surgery, which involves removing the adipose tissue (fat) located in the abdomen and flanks (loves handles). Liposuction can also be realised on others parts of your body such as the face and (double chin), arms, breast, buttocks, hips, thighs ,knees, calves and ankles.


With age, all processes in our body slow down. It is very difficult to maintain our healthy weight and stay fit. The aging changes are inevitable. These undesirable changes become more intense especially after the age of 40 and they affect both, women and men.

Dr. Cordoba offer you to eliminate the sagging skin and excess fat and restore the firmness of your abdominal wall.


During your consultation discuss your surgery expectations with Dr. Cordoba, but be sure to tell him what your expected results are. Cosmetic surgery is based on the improvement, not perfection. Cosmetic surgery of the abdomen allows therefore to improve the contours of your body. You must have realistic expectations, the results depend on the morphology of each person.
Abdominal cosmetic surgery or abdominoplasty can enhance your appearance and give you confidence.