Labiaplasty – Labia Minora Reduction – Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Montreal

Labiaplasty or nymphoplasty (labia minora reduction), belongs to a category of surgeries that are involved in the rejuvenation and restoration of the perineum and genitalia.

An individual may choose to undergo a labiplasty for the following reasons:

  •       Excess skin
  •       Irregularities or deformity following one or multiple births
  •       Aesthetic / Personal

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct irregularities of the external genitalia that may be due to factors such as: genetics (hereditary, congenital), trauma (childbirth, accidents), or natural aging.

Labiaplasty shortens the small lips of the vagina by removing excess skin, the scars from undergoing labiaplasty are not noticeable thanks to the excellent healing capacity of the vaginal tissues.

Nymphoplasty or labiaplasty is usually performed under local anesthesia. The recovery time is rapid.

After surgery, patients may experience some discomfort and moderate edema (swelling) which generally resolves after one to two weeks.

The purpose of a labiaplasty is to remove excess skin to improve the aesthetic appearance and comfort of the vaginal entrance.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be not to undergo a labiaplasty (nymphoplasty).