Cosmetic Nose – Rhinoplasty Surgery with Implants in Montreal (starting from $4,900)

The nose is a bone structure located in the mid-face that has great aesthetic importance It reveals our character. The size and shape of the nose control the harmony of the whole face. From a functional point of view, this part of our body is part of our breathing apparatus.

Nasal implant surgery is a surgical procedure designed to:

  • improve the nose profile
  • redress and equalize the nose.
  • raise the nose (lack of height)
  • correct the nasal tip
  • correct nose irreguarities
  • correct nose drooping
  • refine nose shape

The use of silicone implants, because of their texture and hardness makes it possible to improve the shape and size of the nose. A compensatory volume, proportional to face can help harmonize the entire face.

Silicone implants in the nose are safe and long lasting. They are well accepted by the body. The implants are available in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of patients. Dr. Cordoba will choose with your participation the best form of implant suitable for your nose. A nasal “I”-shaped implant is used for the remodeling of the dorsum (the top of the nose), the form “L” is used for the correction of the dorsum and the columella (vertical column from the lip to the tip of the nose).

During a nasal implant surgery, the implant insertion is performed through small incisions inside the nose within the nostrils. The scars are very well hidden.

Alternative Treatments:

One option would be not to have nasal implant surgery. Another option would be a rhinoplasty. The shape of the nose can be corrected with fat injections (taken out of your body and re-injected) or by fillers.