Cosmetic Prominent Protuding Ears – Otoplasty – Surgery in Montreal (starting from $4600)

Cosmetic ear surgery or an otoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to correct congenital or acquired deformities of the external ear. The morphological differences of the ears can cause emberassment. These distortions include asymmetry of the ears due to defects in the folding of the anthelix and / or hypertrophy of the cartilage of the concha. Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery to correct deformities of the ear cartilage to achieve a natural and balanced appearance of the entire face.

During ear surgery, a well hidden incision is made behind the ear, a portion of cartilage is removed or reshaped and sculpted in order to get the right size and shape.

Subsequently, the cartilage is repositioned. The incision is then closed by sutures. A dressing is placed to protect the wound.

Otoplasty is usually done under local anaesthesia. A few hours after surgery patients may feel pain, but it is well controlled with analgesics.

The incision usually leaves a scar behind the ear that fades with time. Otoplasty as other cosmetic surgeries carries risks such as infection, postoperative bleeding, asymmetry or abnormal scarring.

Alternative Treatments:

One option would be not to undergo an otoplasty.