Buttocks Implants – Buttocks Augmentation – Cosmetic Surgery Montreal

You may decide to undergo a cosmetic buttock surgery for several reasons:

  •      To increase the volume of the buttocks due to skin laxity or volume loss
  •      To accentuate the silhouette of your buttocks

The buttocks implants are made of silicone and are very resistant and have a long lifespan.
Depending on the shape, buttock implants can be round or teardrop-shaped, and have a smooth or textured surface.

Buttocks augmentation with silicone implants is a one-day cosmetic surgical procedure.
During surgery, a well hidden incision is made vertically in the inter gluteal fold (between the buttocks).

These implants can be inserted above the muscle or behind (or within) the muscle.
Return to your activities is possible two weeks after surgery. You are not permitted to sit for 3 weeks after surgery.
Physical exercise is not recommended in the first six weeks after surgery. This surgery is for both, women and men.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be not to undergo buttock surgery using implants to increase the volume of buttocks.

Another option would be fat grafting (injections of your own fat).
A buttock lift is another option, this procedure consists in removing the excess skin from the buttocks.