Calf Implants – Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

You may decide to undergo a cosmetic calf implant surgery for different reasons.

Some of the most important causes that can affect the calves are:

  •      Muscle atrophy (under developed muscle tissue that causes a lack of volume)
  •      Asymmetry

Calf implants can help accentuate the silhouette of your calves. Sometimes the internal and lateral calf size may be increased.

The calf implants are made of silicone. They are spindle-shaped and have a smooth surface. The implants are well accepted by the body.
During surgery, the incisions are made behind the knees so they are well hidden. The implants are placed above the muscle.
You may gradually return to your activities two weeks after surgery.
Physical exercise or high intensity activities are not recommended the first six weeks after surgery.
This cosmetic surgery may be performed for women and men.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be not to undergo a surgery to increase the volume of calves with implants.
Another option would be to undergo lipofilling or fat grafting (fat is extracted from your body and re-injected into the calves).
Potential risks and complications are associated with all alternative surgical treatments.