Chemical Peel – Non-Surgical Procedure – Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

Chemical peels have been used to treat a variety of skin problems for numerous years.
There are many types of chemical peels that exist such as phenol peels, TCA peels (trichloroacetic acid), glycolic acid peels and other lighter chemical peels.


You may decide to undergo a chemical peel if you wish to improve your skin due to:

  •      Sun damage.
  •      Fine lines and wrinkles.
  •      Hyperpigmentation (brown spots).


The chemical peel removes the superficial layer of the skin and is replaced with new regenerated skin. The depth of the chemical peel is determined during your consultation, and varies according to a person’s skin condition.
There are several techniques and procedures that may be used in the application of a chemical peel; there are also various medications that can treat the skin. In some situations, chemical peels can also be performed during surgery.

Results vary depending on the nature and severity of a person’s skin.
Results following a chemical peel are directly related to your skin care routine, personal hygiene, protection and maintenance of your skin after the treatment.

The more your skin is damaged, the more profound the chemical peel will be.
The strength of the chemical will affect the depth at which the chemical peel will penetrate your skin; this depends on your skin’s current state and condition.
Thus, one can classify the chemical peels into three categories: light or superficial, medium and deep.

Dr. Cordoba practices chemical peels using phenol, also known as hydroxybenzene, carbolic acid or TCA (trichloroacetic acid).
Undergoing a chemical peel is not an alternative for those who need a face lift. A chemical peel improves the quality of your skin (texture, color, fine lines).


Alternative Treatments

One option would be to not undergo a chemical peel to treat wrinkles or skin problems.

There are other non-surgical treatments such as dermabrasion, laser, Dysport or Botox injections or hyaluronic acid fillers.
A surgical procedure such as a face lift can also be an alternative for removing wrinkles and excess skin.