Lipofilling – Fat injections- Cosmetic surgery in Montréal

Lipofilling (liposuction + injections of own fat) has a long history in facial and cosmetic surgery. In the late 1800s the transfer of adipose tissue (fat) was mainly used for facial rejuvenation of the lips, cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, temples, nose and the contour of the eyes.

Today, fat transfer is increasingly being used for hand rejuvenation; however it is also increasingly being used for volume augmentation of different areas of the body, mainly the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift) and the breasts (breast lipofilling). Pectoral and calf augmentation by lipofilling (injections of own fat) is also frequently requested.

The rejuvenation of the genitals, labia and pubis, by fat transfer is also increasing in demand.

Lipofilling is also used to improve the results of a previous cosmetic surgery by refining irregularities. Fat grafting may also correct defects from a breast augmentation by camouflaging the implant’s contour and creases.

Fat injections offer individuals the option of undergoing cosmetic surgery without the use of implants, prostheses or other artificial materials. This surgical procedure is ideal for those wishing to use their own body tissues.

Lipofilling (liposuction + injections of own fat) has become a very popular procedure. Lipofilling of the breasts and buttocks are popular in Europe and Latin America, but in recent years lipofilling (fat injections) has drawn even more attention in Canada and the United States.


Alternative Treatments

One option would be not to undergo cosmetic surgery by lipofilling (injections of own fat).
There are other options such as cosmetic surgery with implants which also increase the volume of one or more areas of your face or body.
Non-surgical procedures such as injections of hyaluronic acid fillers can be an alternative treatment option for the face (nose, lips, cheekbones, or chin).