Cosmetic Mandibule Augmentation Surgery with Jaw Implants in Montreal (starting from $6,000)

Cosmetic mandible surgery using implants is a surgical procedure designed to:

  • enhance the outline of the jaw
  • add volume

You may decide to have this surgery for different reasons such as loss of volume, a narrow face, irregularities or when you want to enhance the silhouette of the face.

The texture and hardness of a silicone implant makes it possible to improve the shape and size of the mandible. A compensatory and more proportional volume may help harmonize and rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face.

The mandibular silicone implants are safe and long lasting devices. They are accepted by the body. The implants are available in different sizes to meet specific patient needs.

During mandible surgery, the insertion of implants is performed through small incisions within the mouth on the sides. The scars are well hidden. The implants are placed directly where they are designed to increase the volume and redefine the outline of the angle and body of the jaw bone.

Alternative Treatments:

One option would be not to undergo the mandible surgery using implants. The contour of the mandible can also be corrected by fillers or by fat grafting injections.