Cosmetic Chin Augmentation Surgery with Implants – Mentoplasty – Genioplasty in Montréal (starting from $5,000)

Chin surgery or mentoplasty is designed to increase the projection of the chin by various means. The texture and hardness of a silicone implant make it possible to improve the shape and volume of the chin without a significant difference between a natural chin and a chin with an implant. Correction of volume and shape of the chin will provide defined contours that can help harmonize the entire look of the face.

The silicone chin implants are safe and long lasting devices. They are well accepted by the body. The implants are available in different sizes and shapes to ensure the desired degree of projection.

During chin surgery, the implant insertion may be performed through a small intraoral incision within the mouth. This type of placement of the chin implant has a high risk of infection and encapsulation of the implant. Your plastic surgeon may choose another location for the place of incision, in the neck under the chin leaving a well hidden scar.

The mentoplasty surgery is a one day surgery that does not require any hospitalization, due to its simplicity, minimal scarring and short recovery time.

Chin surgery may be performed as a unique procedure or with other surgeries such as rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery) or a facelift.

Alternative Treatments:

One option would be not to undergo the chin augmentation surgery with an implant. Other options would be injections or fat, obtained from your body and re-injected or fillers.