Implants – Plastic Surgery of the Body Using Implants in Montreal

Silicone implants are medical devices used in plastic surgery for reconstructive and esthetic reasons.


They can enhance your silhouette and give you the look you desire to have. These silicone devices are designed to be inserted through inconspicuous incisions. The implants are very well assimilated in the body.

Silicone implants are used for the following reasons:

  •       Lift sagging tissue (drooping skin)
  •       Increase the volume of one or more parts of your body
  •       Correct the lack of volume or natural form
  •       Improve the contour of your figure

In cosmetic surgery, facial implants are intended to correct and improve the shape, volume and contour of your face. There are different implants such as chin implants (mentoplasty), jaw implants (mandibular implants), nose implants (nasal implants) and cheeks implants (malar implants).

Breast implants and pectoral implants belong to a range of implants that can be used to highlight a region of the body: the chest.
Buttock implants give you a more aesthetic and sensual buttock.Dr. Cordoba also practices surgery for calf implants to improve the proportion and curves of your legs.
Alternative Treatments
One option would be not to resort to cosmetic surgery by implants.
There are other surgical options such as lipofilling (injections of your own fat) which also consists of increasing the volume of one or more parts of your face or body.Non-surgical procedures such as injections of hyaluronic acid fillers may be an alternative treatment for the face (nose, lips, cheekbones, chin).