YOUR DECISION – Plastic and Esthetic Surgery

Today plastic and aesthetic surgery improvements are more and more popular among men and women. It may be due to improved statistics on surgical outcomes as well as to advances in medical techniques. Despite numerous potential risks and complications, more and more women and men are looking to enhance their physical appearance through cosmetic procedures.

Increased popularity of plastic and cosmetic surgery may also be attributed to the influence of the media and television. Individuals are more likely to trust a cosmetic surgeon more than they did before. Some cosmetic procedures may give you instant results with minimum risks and minimal or no recovery down time.

You may have several reasons to undergo plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment. You are not completely satisfied with your body or your face, you would like to boost your appearance and/or you wish to reduce the signs of skin aging. You want to regain your natural beauty that you have lost due to one or more pregnancies, significant weight loss, accident, illness, etc.).

Whatever you reasons are for wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery.  It is an important decision, you should understand the process and the risks of surgery and have realistic expectations about the surgery.

Before making the final decision, try to obtain the most of information about the procedure or esthetic surgery you wish to undergo. There is plenty information on websites from professional associations of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

A personalised consultation by a plastic and cosmetic surgeon is the best way to get to know more about a cosmetic surgery or a cosmetic procedure. The consultation may reveal if you are a good candidate for the desired cosmetic surgery or procedure. If you are not a good candidate for surgery, Dr. Cordoba, your plastic and cosmetic surgeon may explain with you the options to get what you desired.

Your choice of a plastic surgeon will highly influence your confidence throughout the entire process starting from your first consultation and ending with the final results. That is why it is so important to choose a highly professional, experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon that you can trust.

It is important for you to realise that a cosmetic surgery is not a means to improve your social status or your relationships. This is exclusively a personal choice and you will have to live with the results and consequences.