Pectoral Implants – Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

Cosmetic surgery using silicone pectoral implants is a surgical procedure designed to:

  •      Increase the volume of the male pectoral area.
  •      Reduce or eliminate an asymmetry of the pectoral muscles.
  •      Enhance the shape of the pectoral muscles.

Men may decide to enhance the chest using pectoral implants for various reasons such as a congenital deficiency like the absence of pectoral muscles or under developed pectoral muscles (hypotrophy) despite physical exercise.
Pectoral implants may be an option despite exercising or having an asymmetry of the chest muscles in a man.

The silicone pectoral implants are very resistant and last long. They are well accepted by the body.

During a male chest enhancement cosmetic surgery with silicone implants, the incisions are made in the axilla (armpit). Due to this incision placement, the incisions are well hidden and hardly noticeable. Pectoral implants are placed behind the pectoral muscles.

Return to activities is possible two weeks after surgery.
Physical exercise is not recommended in the first six weeks after surgery.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be not to undergo cosmetic surgery using pectoral implants.
Another option would be fat grafting (injections of your own fat).