Cosmetic Lip Lifting – Infra-nasal Lift Surgery in Montreal (starting from $4,000)

The lip lift is a surgical procedure to raise the position of the upper lip from the teeth giving a bigger smile. The pink part of the upper lip will appear larger. During the same surgical procedure, your lips can also become pulpier with a non-surgical procedure such as injections of fillers (hyaluronic acid) or thanks to a surgery lipofilling (injection of your own fat) to increase the volume of your lips. As a result, you will get a more aesthetic mouth with a younger appearance.

You may undergo a lip lifting to improve:

  • your lip vermilion (raised white part on the red lip) is a thin and low or your upper lip is thin (pink part)
  • the pink part of your upper lip is little existing
  • the proportion between the upper and lower lips
  • your smile (showing your teeth)

The procedure of reshaping the upper lip is performed under local anesthesia. During surgery, the space between the nose and the upper lip is shortened. An incision is placed directly under the nose and a small strip of tissue (skin) is removed. The upper lip is raised to its new position.

Alternative Treatments:

One option would be to not undergo a lip surgery.

There are other options such as lip augmentation by autogenously graft (own body tissues), by lipofilling (injections of your own fat) or by silicone implants.

An additional volume to the lips can also be obtained with a non-surgical procedure like fillers injections (hyaluronic acid).