Jaw Implants – Mandible – Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

Jaw or mandible augmentation with implants is a surgical procedure that increases the size of the jaw to accentuate the outline of the face.

You may choose to undergo a mandible (jaw) surgery to for various reasons, in order to improve the following:

  •      Loss or lack of volume of your jaw.
  •      Irregularities of your jaw.
  •      The shape of your face (face is too narrow or too round).

Due to the texture and the hardness of silicone implants, Dr. Cordoba can improve the shape and volume of the mandible (jaw) without being able to see a difference between your natural jaw and a jaw with an implant.

Compensatory and proportional volume relative to the face can harmonize any face shape.
Facial silicone implants are safe and long-term devices. The implants are well accepted by the body and are available in different sizes to satisfy the needs of each patient.
During a cosmetic mandible surgery, the implants are inserted through small incisions located inside the mouth on each side.
Scars are not noticeable. The implants are placed directly where the patient desires to increase the volume and redefine the shape of the face.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be to not undergo surgery, jaw (mandible) augmentation with implants.
Other options exist such as mandible augmentation by lipofilling (injections of own fat) or a non-surgical procedure such as injections of fillers (hyaluronic acid).