Fat Grafting – Fat Transfer – Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Cordoba in Montreal

Lipofilling with Injections of Your Own Fat

Fat grafting has a long standing place in facial esthetic and cosmetic surgery (techniques dating from the late 1800’s). Fat tissue transfer has been predominantly used in the facial rejuvenation including the lips, cheeks, jaw line, chin, forehead, temples, around the eyes and the nose. Fat transfer is now being used more frequently to rejuvenate the hands but also to augment the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift), breast (autologous breast augmentation). Genital rejuvenation by fat grafting to the labia majora and the mons pubis (pubic area) is also becoming more in demand.

Lipofilling is being used to improve esthetic surgery outcomes by fine tuning irregularities that may occur. Fat grafting is now used to correct breast augmentation defects such as implant contour borders and rippling. Fat grafting provides the advantage to those looking for cosmetic surgery that does not require the use of any implants, prosthesis, or artificial materials. This procedure is for those wanting to use their own tissues.

Fat grafting is increasingly being used and has now become a very popular procedure. Lipofilling to the breast has been popular in Europe and South and Central America, but over the past few years is now getting more attention in Canada and the United States.