Nasal Implants – Cosmetic Surgery in Montreal

The nose is a bone structure located in the mid-face that has great aesthetic importance, it reveals our character.

The size and shape of the nose contributes to the harmony of the entire face. From the functional point of view, this organ is vital for breathing.

Cosmetic nasal implant surgery is a surgical procedure designed to:

  •      Raise the profile of the nose
  •      Increase the volume of the nose
  •      Straighten or even the nose
  •      Raise the nose (lack of height)
  •      Correct the nasal tip
  •      Correct nose irregularities
  •      Correct nose drooping
  •      Refine the shape of the nose

The texture and firmness of the silicone implants allows Dr. Cordoba to improve the shape and size of your nose.

Silicone implants for the nose are safe and long-term devices. The implants are very well accepted by the body.

With your participation, Dr. Cordoba will select the most suitable implant for your nose. A nasal implant in the form of “I” is used for remodeling of the dorsum (the top of the nose), the “L” shape is used for correcting the dorsum or columella (vertical column medial to the base of the nose).

During a nose cosmetic surgery, the insertion of the implant is performed through small incisions within the nose in the nostrils. Scars are well hidden.

Nose surgery with implants can be performed as a single procedure or may be combined with other surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation, cheek augmentation and other facial surgeries.

Alternative Treatments

One option would be to not use a nose surgery with implants.

There are other options such as rhinoplasty with autologous grafts (cartilage, bone) or by lipofilling (injections of your own fat).
The nose shape can also be corrected via a non-surgical procedure with filler injections (hyaluronic acid).