YOUR CONSULTATION (starting from $160, taxes included)

During your first personalized consultation, Dr. Cordoba will listen to you carefully, in a nonjudgmental manner and will try to understand how you would like to improve your natural beauty, whether it concerns your body, your face or your silhouette, while taking into consideration your overall well-being.

Once Dr. Cordoba understands your goals, he will explain the details of the procedure or surgery he feels would be the most appropriate for you and would bring you the most satisfaction. During the consultation, he will also ask you to provide the following information:

  • your health status,
  • your past medical and surgical history,
  • your medications,
  • your allergies
  • your habits (smoking, alcohol)

With your permission, Dr. Cordoba will examine the area that you would like to enhance, redefine or reshape. The consultation consists in palpating the area to be treated assessing the following:

  • the overall shape
  • the symmetry
  • the skin quality
  • the amount of excess or loose skin
  • the location of previous scars
  • the amount of soft tissue under the skin

After reviewing your goals, expectations and overall health, Dr. Cordoba will then be able to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the medical or surgical procedure you are consulting him about.